Extras We Provide

These are our standards, which may not be found in all companies, and which make our customers come back:

  • Deadlines are law to us.
  • "Lightning" translations done in hours.
  • All information learned from the translated materials is kept strictly confidential. We are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement should you need it.
  • We do not charge extras for tables and other non-plain-text features in the text to be translated (unless you need complete DTP).
  • Availability of Trados software for terminology consistency and for creating specialised company glossaries.
  • Possibility to certify our translations.
  • We work overnight and/or on Saturdays and Sundays if needed.
  • Our translations can be delivered in printed and bound form upon request.
  • All our computers have a daily-updated resident anti-virus protection.
  • Our translations can be delivered in virtually all generally used software formats.
  • All our translations are archived for possible future reference or updates.

Additional combination of benefits , which you can find only with us

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