Our Customers

As we endeavour to provide maximum flexibility, our customers include large multi-national corporations, scientific institutions and universities as well as small private businesses from many countries of the world.

International Organisations and Businesses:

  1. The Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Prague
  2. The Embassy of the United States of America in Prague
  3. Unilever (Knorr and Hellmann's products) said about us
  4. Tescoma (the largest Czech producer and exporter of kitchen utensils) said about us
  5. Grisoft (author of the most successful Czech software: AVG antivirus programme) said about us
  6. O.I.S. Translations (subtitling producer for the National Geographic Channel programmes in 2000-2005)
  7. World Monuments Fund (Unesco-registered heritage sites)
  8. Westvaco (American paper/printing concern) said about us
  9. Ericsson
  10. Konica - Minolta
  11. Volksbank CZ
  12. Strabag

State Institutions:

  1. Czech Public Defender of Rignts (ombudsman)
  2. Czech Anti-monopoly Office
  3. Czech National Television
  4. Brno University of Technology – faculties of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, business and architecture said about us
  5. Masaryk University – faculties of social studies, medicine, economics and management
  6. National Monument and Site Conservation Institute said about us
  7. Ministry of Work and Social Affairs
  8. Academy of Science of the Czech Republic

Czech Companies:

  1. Atelier Brno (designer of the Avion complex (IKEA, TESCO) said about us
  2. Fulgur Battman (local representation of Panasonic – batteries)
  3. major Czech construction companies: Unistav, IMOS, ŽS Brno, Inženýrské stavby Brno, IPS Brno, Průmyslové stavitelství Brno…