How To Save Money

If you are satisfied with our performance, recommend us to your business contacts or friends. Once you notify us of your recommendation and your contact orders work from us, you will receive a discount on your future orders. .

How you yourself can influence the cost?

There is a saying in the business world: "Time – Price – Quality. Pick any two." This saying is true. Therefore think ahead as to how quickly you really need your translation and do not leave the preparation of materials to be translated to the last possible moment.

Every additional change in the original text made during the translating phase represents extra work which will have to be charged by all translators. For this reason it really pays off to read your final document carefully before you have it translated. You will save not only money but a lot of stress connected with chasing different changes in different versions, making sure that the translator is aware of all of them, etc. Such a situation itself is a source of potential errors.