Why Choose Us?

We do not deal with dozens of languages, but specialise in Czech and English only, where we can guarantee translation accuracy and appropriate style and register, thanks to our own experience and the in-house availability of native speakers of both languages.

Each translation into English is proofread by a native speaker of English. It is our company standard for which we do not charge extra.

Specialisation in technical and in economic/legal topics has proven to be the right choice. The fast-developing technical disciplines and legal relationships require more and more specialised translators. This means our staff are not just linguists, but most of them graduates from the disciplines they translate.

We approach each text or interpreted event individually, focusing on translating not only the words of the text but considering cultural background and cultural differences, so that the result best meets the purpose intended by the customer. Should we recommend changes in the document, our customer will always be consulted first.

We do not boast of hundreds of translators (who are frequently nothing more than names in a database), but we can offer a stable team of several dozen translators, who have been thoroughly tested and who have proven their knowledge of particular disciplines to us.

Should you miss a discrepancy in your original text and we discover it during the translating process, we will point it out to you. This means that you get a certain check of factual correctness of your original document together with your translation.

We continually monitor the performance quality of our individual translators, we invest in a system of inspections and create feedback – analyses of strengths and weaknesses, which then serves our translators as a guideline to further studies and personal development.

We can boast of nearly zero complaints in the history of our company.

We believe in business ethics. We strictly decline infrequent offers from potential customers’ employees who try to privately benefit from their order ("if I award the order to you, I want commission by which you can increase your price and I will justify the price to my boss").

We probably agree that we all are most effective in those activities we perform professionally. So why not focus on your profession and leave the translating to us? You will save both time and money. Savings in translations done by your own staff are just an illusion (translating takes more time for non-professionals even if they are very good at languages and it itself increases the work cost). So why don’t you put aside your dictionaries and click here.