Comprehensive Service

Thanks to the broad scope of our services, you can benefit from our complete language service. This means that we can not only translate your materials (in a unified style as specified by you), create the graphic design of the final documents, interpret your meetings/presentations, but also teach your Czech staff English and prepare them for an internationally-recognised language qualification.

If you are an expatriate living in the Czech Republic, we can teach you survival (or advanced) Czech. The method we use is focused on practical communication rather than theoretical knowledge, which is often (and sadly) the case in the CR. Masaryk University has been using us to teaching their foreign students Czech for years.

All our services are always provided by a selected team of experts who are "assigned" to your company. This way we can guarantee continuity and eliminate terminology discrepancies or communication misunderstandings. Our customers also appreciate communicating with "their own" assistant (unlike some companies where each phone call or e-mail is answered by someone else and you never know how often you will have to re-explain your requirements).