How To Choose A Translator

Do not fall for slogans like "prices starting at XX" but ask for a binding quotation for your particular document. Ask for the final price including all extras. There are companies which consider any job done in less than 5 days as "express" and charge accordingly! Others charge extras for "layout" the moment they need to insert a few simple tables in the text and create headers and footers. The real prices are then sometimes twice as high as the generally advertised ones!

You hire professionals to translate your documents, therefore you want the translation to look professional. Yet the number of experienced native speakers of English able to proofread your translation into English is not very high in the Czech Republic. Therefore translations are often sold not proofread or proofreading is charged extra as something special. Such a translation should be considerably cheaper than a complete one.

The practice in the Czech Republic is to measure texts in standard pages. Yet there are companies that calculate only 1600 characters as "their standard page" instead of the generally accepted 1800. You immediately pay 12.5% more in such a case. You as the customer have a right to ask for the price per word of source text.

If you have an extensive project, ask how many translators will work on it and how the company unifies the style, terminology and layout. To organise such unification is expensive and therefore it is rather tempting for less reliable companies to forget it and just "glue" individual parts received from different translators together.

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