Prices Of Interpreting, etc.


Our price for all types of interpreting is between CZK 600 and 750 (EUR 20-26) per hour. Contact us with your special requirements so that we can calculate the price exactly.

Other types of work which are not easily measurable (studio dubbing, proofreading, graphic modifications, etc.) are charged between CZK 400 and 600 (EUR 14-21) per hour. We are ready to discuss a particular way of measuring the performance of our staff to suit our clients in these cases.


We do not set a minimum notice period for ordering our interpreters. Even though we strongly recommend ordering our interpreters well in advance, we will do our best to accommodate your needs even if you get unexpected guests and you need an interpreter immediately. In numerous cases, we have been able to be at customer’s place within half an hour (obviously in the Brno area).


If you need simultaneous interpreting , plan for two interpreters. (It is the most demanding form of interpreting, during which interpreters must swap every 10 to 20 minutes.)

The minimum order is for 3 hours. This includes the whole time the interpreter is with the customer, i.e. including coffee breaks, transfers between venues, etc.

Our interpreters must be properly dressed – appropriate to the working environment (conference, factory tour...).

All information learned at non-public events will be treated as sensitive. When working with confidential information, we (i.e. our company and the particular interpreter(s)) are ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Interpreters have the right to refuse to work in an unacceptable environment or under other demeaning conditions (psychological pressure, unethical topics, etc.).

Possible audio recording of the interpreting is subject to copyright according to Czech legislation and conditions need to be agreed in advance.